Demo Projects for FSL_USB_Stack Component

Description Project demonstrating USB CDC with and without FreeRTOS.

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Hardware DEMOJM, TWR-S08MM128 with TWR-SER
Components FreeRTOS, FSShell, Utility, FSL_USB_Stack, LED, RingBufferUInt8

Information how to create this USB CDC project is provided in this article:


Date Description
14-Nov-2013 Updated Eclipse examples for MCU10.3 beta and using the new USB stack and shell.
11-Jun-2012 Added demo for TWR-K40X256.
21-May-2012 Added demo for TWR-MCF51MM256.
04-May-2012 Added demo for TWR-S08MM128.
13-Mar-2012 Using new FSL_USB_Stack component v1.002.
08-Mar-2012 Initial release.


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USB CDC Project without RTOS for MCU10.x


Bare Metal Example for Classic CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3

The bare metal example for Classic CodeWarrior for MCU6.3 is provided here:

CW MCU6.3 USB CDC Project