Description Different utility methods, mainly around strings
Component Utility.PEupd
Dependencies none

Important Information

Starting January 1st 2013, the latest and greatest versions of components and examples are hosted on GitHub.


License : Open Source (LGPL)
Copyright : (c) Copyright Erich Styger, 2013, all rights reserved.
xatoi(): Copyright (C) 2010, ChaN, all right reserved. (see copyright notice and license at the function implementation).

This an open source software implementing utility functions using Processor Expert.
This is a free software and is opened for education, research and commercial developments under license policy of following terms:
* This is a free software and there is NO WARRANTY.
* No restriction on use. You can use, modify and redistribute it for personal, non-profit or commercial product UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice.


Date Version Description
31-Jan-2013 1.083 Updated for IAR. See this post.
09-Dec-2012 1.082 Added methods ScanHex8uNumber(), ScanHex16uNumber() and ScanHex32uNumber().
08-Feb-2012 1.081 Added wrappers for strcmp(), strncmp() and strlen().
03-Jan-2012 1.080 Using unsigned char in interface instead of plain character.
04-Sep-2011 1.079 Initial release.


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